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Predominance of our domain and business expertise to achieve rapid time-to-value while making your organization stronger and more competitive in the global business landscape. With industry-leading tools and methodologies, Usha iT helps clients identify, design, introduce, run and improve IT-based services that help organizations achieve their desired business outcomes. Usha iT innovative Business research has revealed that top companies distinguish themselves by positioning information-based, technology-enabled services as a strategic asset. IT investments must be integrated with the overarching business imperatives, and the modern CIO is under increasing pressure to run IT as a service-oriented business to help generate business value. In addition to the Excellent innovative Service Methodology, we offer Usha iT’s Service Portfolio, and recepticle , a maturity model for Service Excellence Assessments, Service Design modules and Asset and Configuration Management capabilities we can help your organization achieve IT service excellence on the path toward high performance.

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